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Gracerock is there with you from the start to ensure you get the best seedlings that are free of disease and have a high germination rate to ensure maximum crop yield.

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What we are known for

Professional commercial seedling raising Nursery

Propagation of various vegetable seedlings, selected fruit tree seedlings and Tissue culture potato seedlings. With a capacity of more than 5m seedlings. 
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Demonstration Greenhouses and open field Demo plots

We have demonstration Greenhouses with production of Tomatoes, colored capsicum and cucumber.  Various Vegetable productions demonstration plots in open field
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Model farm for Training

We offer theory and practical training on basic good agriculture practices and effective Agripreneurship
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What we are known for:

Gracerock seedling Nursery

Professional commercial seedling raising Nursery

We specialize in Commercial seedling raising that supplies Quality seedling professionally propagated and sold to
commercial and small scale farmers to transplant in their Green Houses and farms

Gracerock Greenhouses

Demonstration Greenhouses and open field Demo plots

We grow Tomatoes, colored capsicum, seedless cucumber and green vegetables in greenhouses and open fields for training farmers who buy our seeds


Model farm for Training

We offer training to small scale farmers on effective production, the transformation of agricultural products and their distribution to final consumers profitably.

Still using the conventional methods of planting?

Did you know you run a risk of up to 30% germination failure rate when you use conventional methods of growing vegetables from seeds

The good news is that you can reduce that risk and have a germination rate
of up to 99% using seedling that have been carefully propagated.

Benefits of using our Seedlings

Benefit of seedlings-seedlings are pure


Benefit of seedlings-free of disease

Free of

Benefit of seedlings-uniform plants


Benefit of seedlings- inoculated with Trichoderma

Resistant to

Benefit of seedlings- Hardened to minimize transplant loss

loss when

Benefit of seedlings-Agronomic support


Why you should get your seedling from us

The seedlings are grown using the technology of soilless media.

The advantage is that the media is formulated specifically for the purpose of growing commercial seedlings

The seeds are planted in trays which are placed on an off the ground bed. This results in a quality seedling free of disease, with a fully developed root system which aids in prevention of shock during transplanting

During the growing process a quality control system is applied including Coordinated labeling and packaging. All this saves you the farmer time and unexpected cost and assures you of quality 

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Wambui went out of her way to help me with a problem I had today, just wanted to express my appreciation

Joseph Gachengo

Grace Rock has been instrumental for the improvement of my farming enterprise, the professionalism and the customer service is excellent

Alice Wambaa